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Welcome to Kelly’s Online, your virtual portal to Kelly’s Sporting Goods!

Your source for Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns and Accessories. Here at Kelly’s we’ve been supplying the gear since 1988 for Canadian Hunters and Shooters to continue enjoying the hunting and shooting sports that they love. We offer a full lineup of Firearms and Accessories, including a complete line of Tactical gear for the Tactical Shooter, Security Officer, and Police. Not only have we been supplying Canadians with their gear, in the past we have also had the opportunity to supply consumers worldwide, including foreign retailers and Police Tactical units.

In 1992 we started our indoor shooting range.  It allows up to 10 shooters at a time to practice their target shooting skills.  In 1998 the range underwent a major upgrade when our current setup was installed, a 10 position, fully automated Caswell range system with electronic target returns.  Since the range began operating, our number of club members continues to grow yearly, and our range has been made the home of multiple other clubs who don’t have a range of their own.