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HeatStore Reflective Tent

HeatStore Reflective Tent


Here are four great advantages of the multilayer HeatStore reflective tent over standard tube tents or other survival shelters in cold weather.

Reflective lining: The aluminized inner lining of the tent reflects and conserves body heat. Heat conservation can save your life.

Durability: If even a small tear occurred with a standard reflective material like what is used in emergency blankets or sleeping bags, there is little resistance to the propagation of the tear across the entire length of the sleeping bag. A shelter with a big tear does not do much to retain heat. Our NEW tent material uses a layer of aluminized PVC bonded to a layer of thin non woven nylon fibers. The tent remains very thin and lightweight, but more resistant to punctures and more importantly, the propagation of tears. The seams are reinforced with the same multilayer material for added strength. Standard reflective sleeping bags use only tape on the seams.

Closed ends to keep out wind: Standard tube tents are open on both ends. This tent has one closed end and one end with flaps that can be tied closed. This not only protects from wind, but also conserves body heat.

Visibility: The orange outer layer is visible from long distances and contrasts with snow and trees.

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