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Quake-Kit Ultimate Survival Kit

Quake-Kit Ultimate Survival Kit


Quake-Kit Ultimate Survival Kit

The Quake Kit Emergency Survival System is probably the most complete emergency survival kit ever created. It’s simple, durable, waterproof, and holds up to 6 litres of water that you can filter yourself anywhere. To operate the kit, simply open the locking device, remove the contents and invert the plastic enclosure to form the water filtration system. Place the ceramic water filter firmly in the enclosure. Use the top half of the Quake Kit to scoop up to six litres of water at a time, then place the top half of the unit back on top of the bottom half. The filter is gravity fed and will the do the rest of the work itself. Pour clean drinking water from the spigot. The unit can store up to six litres of potable water, along with the contents of the survival kit.

  • Floatation Device/Water Filtration System/Wet Dry Carry Case Water Storage
  • Cell Phone Charger Flashlight Radio Dynamo Siren
  • Survival Essentials Pack with Candles Gloves Saw Safety Tool Glow Sticks
  • 99 piece First Aid Kit
  • Converts from Flotation System to Filtration System

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